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Arkansas Files Lawsuit Alleging Chinese E-Commerce App Temu is Illegally Gathering Personal Data

“Though it is known as an e-commerce platform, Temu is functionally malware and spyware,” Attorney General Tim Griffin said in a statement.

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin has filed a lawsuit alleging the Chinese e-commerce app Temu is “malware” that is illegally obtaining personal data from consumers.

Griffin referred to Temu as a "data theft" business in a press release put out recently.

"Today I have filed a first-of-its-kind state lawsuit against the parent companies of Temu—PDD Holdings Inc. and WhaleCo Inc.—for violating the ADTPA and PIPA," Griffin said in a statement. "Though it is known as an e-commerce platform, Temu is functionally malware and spyware."

Temu is an online marketplace that is operated by PDD Holdings, a Chinese e-commerce company.

Griffin alleges Temu used deceptive trade practices that resulted in Arkansans having their personal information handed over illegally.

Griffin pointed out that Temu has had issues in the past.

"Apple suspended Temu from its digital app store in 2023, prompting multiple investigations into the company’s dealings, including an ongoing investigation being conducted by the U.S. Congress," he said.

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