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House Investigators: Chinese Intel May Have Compromised Hunter Biden During Gas Deals

Republicans slam FBI for exhibiting a “troubling” lack of curiosity about the foreign business dealings of the first family.

House Republican investigators are releasing new evidence they say shows Hunter Biden may have been compromised by Chinese intelligence through one of his business associates, and slamming the FBI for exhibiting a "troubling" lack of curiosity about the first family's foreign business dealings.

Rep. James Comer, the top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, demanded Wednesday that FBI Director Christopher Wray turn over evidence of what it has done to investigate concerns that former Hunter Biden business assistant JiaQi "Jackie" Bao had ties to communist China before she helped facilitate  possible sales of U.S. gas interests to the Chinese company CEFC on the Biden family's behalf.

"Documents obtained by Committee Republicans reveal Hunter Biden’s business partner and close personal associate was linked to the Communist Party of China (CCP), her employer before the Biden family. JiaQi “Jackie” Bao provided Hunter insight into purchasing liquified natural gas reserves in the United States to sell to China, had access to the Biden family’s financial information, and liaised with CCP-affiliated agents on the Bidens’ behalf," Comer wrote.

"After infiltrating the Biden family, Bao urged Hunter to encourage Joe Biden to run for president months before he announced and then supplied the Biden family campaign advice related to China," he added. "Media reports and documents reviewed by Committee Republicans suggest that Bao and Hunter’s relationship extended beyond professional obligations—a common tactic employed by Chinese intelligence agents.

"Committee Republicans are concerned Hunter Biden may have been compromised by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and foreign intelligence services (FIS)," the letter added. "Due to the interconnected nature of the Biden family’s finances and business dealings, this type of access would jeopardize U.S. national security.

Comer, R-Ky., demanded Wray turn over all evidence the FBI has about Hunter Biden's dealings with Bao and evidence of what the FBI did to investigate the relationship and others the Biden family had with Beijing.

"In addition to the Chinese government through Bao, it is likely that Hunter Biden may have been compromised by other FIS agents throughout his time as an influence peddler and during his efforts to sell off American resources," he write.

"The FBl' s lack of interest in Biden family dealings is troubling," he added. "The national security threat of an FIS gaining access to a presidential family’s sensitive information is too great to ignore."

A lawyer for Hunter Biden has repeatedly declined requests for comment from Just the News. Hunter Biden has acknowledged he is under FBI investigation but insists his foreign business dealings with controversial figures in China, Russia and Ukraine were above aboard.

The Biden family's involvement with CEFC and Bao was highlighted in a series if stories by Just the News over the last two years. The dealings included a $5 million interest-free, forgivable loan CEFC apparently arranged for the Biden family.

Contacts and strategies about the business relationship involving Bao were found on a laptop Hunter Biden left behind at a Delaware computer repair shop in 2019 and have been explained by former Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski, who says the "big guy" referenced as having a possible secret stake in the China energy deals was in fact Joe Biden.

Comer's letter releases new communications between Bao and Hunter Biden, including a March 2018 email in which Bao encourages Hunter Biden to keep pursuing the natural gas deals with China even after top CEFC officials were arrested in China for alleged corruption.

"I don't think you should worry about any of the recent news at all (my personal opinion), because Chinese companies always deal very diplomatically with foreign business partners," Bao wrote Hunter Biden. "Even if the worst case with Ye, those in the U. S. would not be impacted at all and in fact it will present a great opportunity to gain, both in terms of doing something meaningful, rewarding, as well as for realize substantial tangible gains without make any noise, if done right.

In an interview with Just the News earlier this month, Comer said it was deeply concerning the Biden family was trying to help China buy U.S. gas and energy assets while the president has taken many off line for America, like the TransCanada pipeline.

"Joe Biden has an America-last energy policy," Comer said. "That's China first and America last. Why is he doing that? Maybe it's because he's compromised because of his son's shady business dealings. So these are the things that we're going to look into in a Republican majority."

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