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Report: U.K. Will Have to Build 15 ‘Birmingham’ Sized Cities to Keep Up with Migration Driven Housing Demand

Migration Watch’s Alp Mehmet has launched a petition calling on the Government to reduce net migration to less than 100,000 per year.
Illegal immigrants with members of the UK Border Agency. walesonline.co.uk
Illegal immigrants with members of the UK Border Agency. walesonline.co.uk

A recent report by Migration Watch UK has highlighted the potential consequences of sustained high levels of immigration on Britain's population growth and housing crisis. According to the report, if immigration continues at the same pace as last year, when net migration reached over 600,000, the British population could increase by nearly sixteen million people within the next 25 years, resulting in a total national population of 80 million individuals.

The think tank estimates that meeting the housing demands arising from this population growth would necessitate the construction of at least 6.5 million additional homes over the specified period. This would require an ambitious target of approximately 260,000 new homes per year, solely to keep pace with the population increase driven by migration. To put this into perspective, Migration Watch emphasizes that this figure corresponds to the equivalent of constructing 15 cities the size of Birmingham during the next quarter century.

In response to these findings, Migration Watch has initiated a petition calling on the government to reduce net migration to 100,000 individuals per year. They argue that such a measure would help alleviate the current strain on the housing market and reduce downward pressure on domestic wages.

The report highlights the urgent need for a comprehensive approach to immigration, considering both legal and illegal channels, and the potential long-term impacts on population growth, housing, and the well-being of British citizens.

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