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Italy Joins France in Raising Terror Level After ISIS Attack in Moscow


On Monday, the Italian National Security Council announced that in response to last weekend’s terror attack in Moscow, the country will increase security around Christian holiday observances this week.

The Italian Interior Ministry released a statement saying that because of the decision, public surveillance will be elevated by, “paying the most attention to the places of greatest aggregation and transit of people, as well as sensitive targets.’’ Rome is likely to see increased crowds for the upcoming Easter celebrations.

The alert adjustment follows a similar decision by France as they prepare to host the Summer Olympics in July.

The action that prompted the decision, Friday’s mass-shooting by Islamic State members at a concert in Russia, has reportedly killed over 130 individuals and wounded 180. Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, has accused the Ukrainian government of having some participation in the incident.

The Russian leader’s allegation has been dismissed by U.S. and French intelligence conclusions, as well as the terror-group’s admission of responsibility in the attack.

The ISIS faction from Afghanistan that perpetrated the massacre in suburban Moscow, the Islamic State-Khorasan (ISIS-K), has been described by Germany’s interior ministry as “the most aggressive IS affiliate at present.”

Members of this branch allegedly plotted to bomb the Cologne Cathedral on New Year’s Eve and last week were accused of planning to attack the Swedish Parliament.

ISIS-K claimed responsibility for the August 2021 suicide-bombing at Kabul Airport that resulted in the deaths of 13 American servicemembers.

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