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Poland Joins the Baltics in Calling for E.U. Defensive Positions on Their Borders


On Wednesday, NATO members Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland called on the European Union to build defensive measures along their adjoining 700-mile-long borders with Belarus and Russia, according to a report by Reuters.

The news service said that the request was made in a joint letter that will be discussed during a Thursday conference at the E.U. headquarters in Brussels, where security-related matters are expected to be on the agenda.

"Building a defense infrastructure system along the E.U. external border with Russia and Belarus will address the dire and urgent need to secure the E.U. from military and hybrid threats," said the correspondence that was viewed by Reuters.

The cost to complete the project is estimated to be around €2.5 billion.

The request comes after E.U. members Greece and Poland previously suggested developing an integrated air defense system throughout the continent.

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