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Three Israelis Dead, Multiple Injured in Bus Stop Shooting in Jerusalem, Hamas Claims Responsibility

The gunmen were killed by off duty soldiers and a civilian at the scene.
Getty Images
Getty Images

Three Israelis were killed and 16 other injured Thursday at a bus stop in West Jerusalem after two gunmen reportedly opened fire on a crowd.

Hamas, the militant group on which Israel has declared war after its deadly terror attack earlier this month, has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The group said the motive of the attack was for Israeli "crimes" in Gaza, the BBC reports.

The gunmen were killed by off duty soldiers and a civilian at the scene, amid a ceasefire between the sides.

Jerusalem District Commander Doron Turgeman told reporters that the gunmen approached the bus stop in a car and had two weapons.

During an investigation, officers reportedly discovered large amounts of ammunition in the gunmen's car.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken while meeting with Israel's President Isaac Herzog calling the attack a reminder "of the threat from terrorism that Israel and Israelis face every single day."

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