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DNC, Progressives Worked to Weaken Election Process For Months: Expert

Former Federal Election Commission member and former member of President Donald Trump’s election fraud commission, expert Hans Von Spakovsky said the election process started to go wrong when the progressive left and DNC began forcing states to change voting rules.

“It started going wrong earlier this year when an unprecedented number of lawsuits were filed by the progressive left and DNC and all their political allies to try to force states to change the rules governing absentee ballots,” Spakovsky said in a podcast interview with The Foreign Desk’s Lisa Daftari.

“They didn’t want signature comparisons done between the absentee ballots and signatures of voters on file. They tried to void out witness signature requirements on absentee ballots. They tried to legalize vote harvesting everywhere. And they tried to force states to not be able to enforce their voter ID laws,” Spakovsky continued.

The progressive left also pushed for the absentee ballot deadline to be extended past the election date, an effort that succeeded in several key battleground states.

Spakovsky believes that North Carolina and Pennsvlvania likely would have been called earlier if the original election deadline was in place.

Spakovsky was formerly a county election official in Virginia and Georgia and expressed disbelief that critical jurisdictions were shutting down vote counting before all the ballots were counted.

“I’ve never seen that happen,” said Spakovsky, who recalls staying up for hours until all ballots were counted.

Spakovsky’s biggest concern, however, is that states like North Carolina and Pennsylvania, which remained uncalled for days, “had organizations and entities there other than the state legislature changing the rules, governing absentee ballots in the middle of the election” without legal authority.

While Spakovsky does not think it is impossible for the Trump campaign’s litigation regarding election fraud to be successful, he believes it will be a difficult task to gather enough evidence to overturn the election.

“It’s a tough fight ahead of them to be able to change the status quo of what’s going on,” said Spakovksy.

When asked what Americans can do to reduce vulnerabilities in the election process, Spakovsky emphasized the importance of people being involved in the election process at all times and not only during an election.

“They’ve got to get involved and lobby elected representatives to try to push in place the kind of things we think are appropriate for solving these problems,” he said.

Spakovksy discussed voter ID requirements and proof of citizenship as things people must push for in the state legislature.

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