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5 Ways the New Conservative Israeli Government Can Help American Interests

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to US President Joe Biden, from a Likud office in Tel Aviv on November 7, 2022. (Courtesy Likud)
Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to US President Joe Biden, from a Likud office in Tel Aviv on November 7, 2022. (Courtesy Likud)

1. Strong Stance Against Terrorism

During Israel’s elections, Netanyahu and other members of Israel’s Right-wing campaigned on taking a tougher stance against terrorism in Israel, which has been one of the main threats American troops and allies face in the Middle East. With the Assad regime receiving aid from Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran and the continuous threat of Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon, the new Israeli government has vowed to confront these threats by any means necessary. Under Prime Minister Netanyahu's administration, the Israeli government could also increase its military spending and upgrade existing military equipment to deter threats from Iranian-backed terrorist proxies in Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza. The new conservative coalition government in the Knesset could potentially increase and expand Israel's cooperation with other intelligence services in the Middle East, ranging from American military forces to the Saudi Arabian government, to deter threats before they happen.

2. Confrontation with Iran

As the Islamic Republic of Iran continues to ratchet up its terrorist activities in the Middle East, the new conservative government could confront the Islamic regime more than previous Israeli governments. Under his leadership as Prime Minister during the Obama years, Netanyahu and his government planned to strike Iran and its nuclear facilities but lacked support from the American administration. With the Biden administration unable to find an agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran and the calls for a military operation being echoed by some White House officials, this could allow a new military strike against the regime in Tehran. During the Trump years, Netanyahu allowed the Israeli Mossad to engage in targeted assassination campaigns against Iranian nuclear scientists and military officials, something that could significantly increase under this new conservative coalition, hurting the regime structurally. Additionally, with ongoing protests inside of Tehran, the new conservative government could help the people of Iran by providing military training to Iranians and Kurdish groups seeking to overthrow the mullahs.

3. Strengthening Alliances

During the Trump administration, Netanyahu and his government signed peace agreements with Arab states in the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), Bahrain, Morocco, and others, for economic and military cooperation that has helped secure U.S. national security interests. Under the Abraham Accords, Israel and its Arab allies have opened explored collaborations in energy, infrastructure, trade, and weapons systems, something American officials have tried to enact. With Iran threatening American allies in the Persian Gulf area like Saudi Arabia, this could allow the new Israeli government to convince the Saudi government that it will help defend against Iranian aggression. Should Israel decide to strike the Islamic Republic of Iran, countries like Saudi Arabia could aid the Israeli military, allowing America's Middle Eastern allies to unite against the mullahs in Iran.

4. New Military Cooperation

With American troops in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere in the Middle East, the new Israeli government has vowed to increase the nation's military capabilities, which could help protect American troops regionally. As Iran’s proxies continue to attack American troops in Iraq and elsewhere, the new Israeli government could work with the Pentagon to help strengthen aerial technology like drones, missiles, and military aircraft to defend against such threats. Under Netanyahu, the Israeli armed forces could also engage with American naval forces in the Persian Gulf to send a strong message of defense against Iran. With the latest news that CENTCOM officials plan to build a military base in Saudi Arabia, the new conservative government in Israel could offer to aid American officials and help with military technology testing.

5. Energy Concerns

Ever since the previous Israeli government signed an agreement over the maritime border with Lebanon, Netanyahu and many in the conservative coalition have argued that the accord allows Hezbollah to gain access to natural gas and help aid its terrorist activities. Should the agreement end, Netanyahu and his government can reject the current deal and engage in new talks on this issue leading to a new agreement that could benefit Israel and the U.S. with offshore energy. Since the war in Ukraine, Western nations like the U.S. have counted on countries in the Middle East, like Saudi Arabia, for oil. Should Netanyahu expand on Israel's offshore oil production, this would help the American economy and stave off inflation at a time when gas prices continue to rise. With the demand for oil rising in America and throughout the world, the new Israeli government could help nations obtain their energy needs without relying on regimes like Russia, Venezuela, or the Islamic Republic of Iran for oil.

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