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Biden Admin Allows Iran Regime to Set Up U.S. Voting Stations

The upcoming plebiscite was scheduled after the former president was killed in a May helicopter crash.
Voting at a polling station in Tehran. Getty
Voting at a polling station in Tehran. Getty

The Biden administration will allow the Islamic Republic to operate polling locations in the United States for Friday’s presidential election, according to a report by Voice of America.

The news agency noted comments made by a regime official, Alireza Mahmoudi, who told state media on Sunday that the foreign ministry is planning to establish 30 voting stations across the U.S. to allow members of the country’s expat community to choose the successor of the recently deceased Ebrahim Raisi.

Representatives from VOA obtained a statement from the U.S. State Department confirming that “it has no expectation that Iran’s presidential election will be free or fair," but they would nevertheless allow the balloting to take place.

“This is nothing new,” another State Department spokesperson told VOA, adding that the terrorist-supporting authorities conducted similar measures in 2017 and 2021.

Elections in the Islamic Republic are controversial because candidates for public office in the theocracy are only allowed consideration if they meet the approval of a 12-member “Guardian Council.”

This pre-screening ensures that the choices voters have are those of individuals who are likely to be loyalists to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and uphold the 1979 Islamist constitution.

In addition to the selection process, Khamenei’s absolute power that the law grants him results in the autocrat having the ability to further restrict the nominee pool.

Despite the efforts by Tehran, recent surveys have indicated that more than three-quarters of Iranians are planning on boycotting the event.

The U.S. Treasury Department did not respond to questions asking if businesses and non-profit groups would require sanctions-related waivers to host the venues.

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