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El Al Flight Suffers ‘Hacking’ Attempt Over Houthi-Controlled Territory


"Hostile elements" attempted to infiltrate the communications system of an El Al aircraft while enroute to Tel Aviv from Thailand, according to Israel’s Kan public broadcaster.

The Saturday night incident was reported to have happened when the flight traversed an area known to be under Houthi control. It was apparently the second time this week that a similar situation had occurred.

The report suggested that the intrusion was an effort to deceive the flight crew into changing their course. The pilots on board were said to have recognized the deviation from standard procedures and ignored the automated guidance.

Air traffic control confirmed the errant messaging when the flight deck asked for authentication of the instructions.

The plane subsequently landed safely at Ben Gurion Airport.

In a statement, the Tel Aviv-based airline denied that the disruption specifically targeted the plane, describing it as “not a security incident.”

On Feb. 8, an El Al flight travelling from Prague diverted to Greece after a passenger attempted to forcibly enter the cockpit while the airliner was in operation.

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