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Former Senator Joe Lieberman Dies at 82

Joseph Isadore Lieberman was born in Stamford CT on February 24, 1942.
Sen. Joseph Lieberman delivers his farewell Senate speech. AP
Sen. Joseph Lieberman delivers his farewell Senate speech. AP

Former Connecticut senator and vice-presidential nominee, Joseph Lieberman, has died. The four-term Democrat was 82.

Family members released a statement on Wednesday saying that he passed away in New York City while recovering from injuries caused by a fall.

In addition to his service in Washington, the former lawmaker represented New Haven for ten years in the Connecticut State Senate before his elevation to the state's Attorney General's office.

In 2000, Lieberman made history by becoming the first Jewish American to be selected for a major political party’s presidential ticket, when then Vice President Al Gore chose him as a running mate. Four years later he would enter the Democratic presidential primaries but would end his candidacy after several poor performances.

The former senator was regarded as one of the last remaining moderate Democrats in his caucus. His positions in the later years of his tenure were often at odds with his party’s changing ideologies and demographics.

His long-time support for Israel, opposition to gay marriage, and backing of the Iraq War often made him a target of powerful leftist voices in Washington that have become mainstreamed over the years.

In 2008, he endorsed Republican candidate John McCain in his White House race against Barack Obama.

Lieberman faced his biggest political challenge in 2006 when he lost his primary election to anti-Iraq War candidate and now governor, Ned Lamont. While rejected by his own party, he was able to seek reelection as an independent.

His victory was the last time the U.S. Senate sat a member without a party endorsement.

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