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Iranian Americans Gather in Beverly Hills to Protest Islamic Republic


Hundreds of protestors gathered in Beverly Hills Saturday to show solidarity with Iranians protesting the Islamic Republic and its brutal crackdowns. The protest comes after almost two months of protests on the streets of Iran when a young 22-year-old Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini, died at the hands of the Islamic morality police after facing arrest for wearing her hijab incorrectly.

Protesters rallied outside Beverly Hills City Hall with demonstrations mirroring the ones in Iran, celebrating “Woman. Life. Freedom.” 

A statement from the event’s organizers called the death of Mahsa Amini “unjust” and that a flame “dropped on fuel that has been building up under 43 years of the oppressive and corrupt rule of the Islamic Republic.” 

“What has been ignited is a multi-generation, multi-ethnic counter-revolution led by Iran’s women and girls. Unwavering calls for regime change rumble across Iran’s provinces, cities, universities, and villages,” the statement read.

Throughout the rally, hundreds of Iranian Americans, young and old, chanted anti-regime slogans, calling for the death of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. 

Many protesters called on the United States government to enact strong measures against the Islamic regime and not engage in nuclear negotiations. Many protesters wore white as a symbol of solidarity for the protests while waving the national flag of Iran.

The demonstrators marched at 1pm through Crescent Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard before ending at around 4:30 pm. 

In early October, the Beverly Hills City Council voted unanimously to adopt a resolution calling upon the American government to increase sanctions against the current Iranian regime and cease negotiations.

The measure also included stopping negotiations related to oil exports and refusing to release frozen assets in the U.S. until there is a regime change.

With protests still ongoing and the Islamic regime continuing its brutal crackdowns, many Iranian Americans hope the upcoming Midterm elections will help Iranian protesters. 

With early voting occurring in multiple states, many Iranian Americans are hoping that newly-elected members of Congress will hear their pleas and prevent any nuclear agreement from being official and instead enact harsh measures against regime officials.

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