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Islamic Republic Expanding Missile Production Amid Increasing Exports to Allies: Report


Three officials from the Islamic Republic confirmed to Reuters this weekend that recent satellite images showing new construction at two military sites in Iran are aimed at boosting the regime’s missile production.

According to the report, recent photographs captured this spring by Planet Labs, a commercial satellite company, reveal more than 30 newly constructed structures at both the Modarres military base and the Khojir missile complex since August 2023.

Both facilities are operated by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and have been known to be venues that produce short and medium-range projectiles.

One of the sources told the news outlet that expanded drone manufacturing capabilities, with the purpose of doubling national output, are also included in the new program.

Two U.S. weapons experts who spoke to Reuters were unable to identify what specific systems Tehran was planning on producing since the assembly areas were not finished, but both individuals did agree that they were most likely buildings for missile fabrication.

The site improvements come as the theocratic government has been accused by Western intelligence agencies of expanding the distribution of its advanced weaponry to their allies around the world, including the Russian Army, Hezbollah terrorists, and Yemen’s Houthi rebels.

The White House declined to comment on the assessment.

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