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“Joe Biden Held Meetings with Almost Every Foreign Individual Who Channeled Funds to His Son”: Report


New reports revealed that earlier this month, Rob Walker, a previous business partner of Hunter Biden, provided testimony to the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, stating that the President had a meeting with the chairman of the Chinese energy company with which Hunter Biden aimed to establish a collaborative venture, held at the Four Seasons in Washington DC in 2017.

During his private testimony, Walker informed congressional investigators that Joe Biden was present at a gathering where he, Hunter Biden, their additional business associates, and Chairman Ye Jianming of CEFC were dining. Ye Jianming was the chairman of the Chinese energy company CEFC and was one of 10 CEFC-connected officials at the Four Seasons.

According to a transcript of Walker's interview obtained by Fox News Digitial, the former Hunter Biden business associate said that he didn't remember the meeting's exact time but remembers "being in Washington, DC, and the former vice president stopped by."

"We were having lunch," Walker said.

"I can say it was for certain he [Joe Biden] was out of office," Walker said. The former business associate said the lunch occurred "at the Four Seasons in a restaurant in a private room." Walker explained to Congressional lawmakers that the meeting was to talk about "ways we could work together."

"I don't think we had structured a deal on how to work together at this point," Walker told the committee. Walker mentioned that the meeting spanned "an hour and a half," clarifying that Biden "did not" attend the meeting's entire duration.

"The former vice president was not there the entire time. He was there maybe 10 minutes," Walker stated. "He spoke nice, you know, normal pleasantries. I think he probably did most of the talking and then left."

Walker said that the occurrence, along with Biden's presence, "likely" happened before Robinson Walker LLC received $3 million from State Energy HK Limited—an entity associated with CEFC.

Although Walker asserted that Joe Biden had no involvement in his business dealings with Hunter Biden, despite attending the lunch, he acknowledged that the initial correspondence to CEFC was sent on behalf of the group, comprising himself, James Gilliar, Jim Biden, and Hunter Biden, with Hunter Biden as the sender.

"He had an interesting last name that would probably get people in the door," Walker said to the committee.

When asked why the communication originated from Hunter Biden, Walker stated during his testimony: "It appeared logical that if a United States entity chose a foreign national to represent them, it would be more appropriate for the correspondence to come from Hunter rather than myself." Walker affirmed that Hunter Biden's connection to the Vice President justified his prominent role in the business deal. He further explained that it was logical for Hunter Biden to represent the arrangement publicly.

The House Oversight Committee informed Fox News Digital that it could "verify that Joe Biden held meetings with almost every foreign individual who channeled funds to his son, such as Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina, Romanian oligarch Kenes Rakishev, Vadym Pozharsky, the corporate secretary of Burisma, Jonathan Li from BHR, and Ye Jianming, the Chairman of CEFC."

In 2014 and 2015, Biden frequented dinners at the Cafe Milano in Georgetown, Washington DC, alongside Baturina, Rakishev, and Pozharsky. Additionally, in 2013, Biden engaged in discussions with Li of BHR during his visit to China. Testimony from Hunter Biden's former business associates, Rob Walker and Devon Archer, indicates that Biden encountered Ye during a gathering in 2017.

The latest disclosures come following eagerly awaited testimony of yet another former business partner of Hunter Biden, Tony Bobulinski. Bobulinski is scheduled to give testimony privately on Tuesday at 10:00 AM. before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees. Bobulinski collaborated with Hunter Biden to establish a partnership with SinoHawk Holdings alongside the Chinese energy firm CEFC and asserted that he encountered Joe Biden in 2017.

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