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Russian Naval Vessels Arrive in Havana After Atlantic Exercises

The naval detachment reached Cuban waters on Wednesday. AP
The naval detachment reached Cuban waters on Wednesday. AP

Several Russian warships arrived in Havana on Wednesday after completing a series of Atlantic exercises this week.

The four-vessel formation included the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, the nuclear submarine Kazan, a fuel ship, and a rescue tug.

The Cuban foreign ministry announced that the flotilla is scheduled to stay in the communist country until June 17 without mentioning any further itineraries.

U.S. sources told The Associated Press that they expect the procession to remain in the region for the remainder of the summer and that they may travel to Venezuela before returning to their home ports.

Cuban officials maintained that none of the visiting assets were armed with nuclear weapons.

Before arriving on the island, the U.S. Navy dispatched three destroyers, a Coast Guard cutter, and maritime patrol aircraft to monitor the force’s movements. The Canadian frigate HMCS Ville de Québec was also reported to have joined the operation.

Media reports have suggested that the Russian ships encroached to within 25 miles of Florida’s southern coast during their training.

The deployment came as Moscow has been reacting with increased threats against NATO countries for their continued support of Ukraine as it defends its territory from a more than 2-year-long invasion by Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently warned that he may take “asymmetrical steps” by arming his Western Hemisphere allies if such assistance to Kiev continues.

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