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British Police Say Zeraati Stabbing Suspects Have Fled U.K.

Pouria Zeraati recovers from Friday’s stabbing attack. P. Zeraati
Pouria Zeraati recovers from Friday’s stabbing attack. P. Zeraati

A law enforcement official in the United Kingdom has announced that the three suspects in last week’s stabbing attack on Iran International television journalist, Pouria Zeraati, fled the country shortly after the incident.

A Metropolitan Police commander, Dominic Murphy, released a statement on Wednesday saying that “the suspects traveled to Heathrow Airport and have left the U.K.,’’ and his agency is “now working with international partners to establish further details.’’

The exiled Iranian news anchor, who has since been released from the hospital, was assaulted near his London home by two individuals who were reportedly loitering in the area. A third person is accused of driving the getaway car.

British counterterrorism police took over the investigation because of the think tank's anti-regime editorial positions, and the fact that they had to temporarily relocate to Washington D.C. last year, after receiving “state-backed threats from Iran.”

The Islamic Republic’s embassy in London has denied any involvement in the matter.

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