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Canada Will Classify Tehran’s IRGC as a Terrorist Group

Graduation ceremony for Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. shutterstock.com
Graduation ceremony for Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. shutterstock.com

Canada’s federal government announced on Wednesday that they will designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization under the nation’s criminal code.

The decision comes after several years of pressure from opposition lawmakers and members of the country’s Iranian diaspora community to hold the agents of the Islamic Republic responsible for crimes committed against Canadian citizens.

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre renewed calls for such action after the October 7 massacre in southern Israel due to the IRGC’s association with Hamas.

As a result of this classification, law enforcement officials will have the power to charge any individual who provides financial or material assistance to the murderous military branch.

Ottawa’s previous measures against the institution were limited to the terrorist’s overseas division, the Quds Force, and restrictions on IRGC leadership from entering the country.

Canada ended its diplomatic relations with the regime in 2012.

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