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Customs and Border Protection Officials Intercept 197 Pounds of Ketamine En Route from Sweden to Colorado

In medicine, ketamine is used as an anesthetic. REUTERS
In medicine, ketamine is used as an anesthetic. REUTERS

Last week, United States Customs and Border Protection agents in Atlanta announced that a trash compactor and thermos bottles order shipped from Sweden to Colorado contained Ketamine valued at almost $1 million.

According to officials, the two shipments were discovered thanks to x-ray machines, which found anomalies in the trash compactor shipment, uncovering bricks of a white powdered substance. Officials say that the thermos bottles contained false bottoms with the white substance.

After testing, CBP agents discovered that the powder was Ketamine seizing 197 pounds with an estimated street value of $985,000. Officials said the seized narcotics are destroyed, but no arrests have been made with agents investigating the ongoing issue.

Law enforcement and drug experts say that Ketamine, known as "Special K," can be used for human health and veterinary purposes as a sedative drug and can treat mental health substances and abuse disorders. Experts say that recreational drug users take it to dissociate and hallucinate and facilitate sexual assaults.

As drug usage and overdoses continue to increase among young Americans today, many blame the open-borders policies of the Biden administration, which has resulted in the spread of illicit drugs like fentanyl, synthetic opioids, and other drugs from Mexico and other countries. As a result of the administration's policies, many American families have lost young loved ones to drugs and have called on President Biden and lawmakers in Congress to tackle the issue.

Since 2020, Border Patrol officials at the US southern border have enacted operations against the drug cartels, seizing smuggled fentanyl drugs disguised as candy for children.

Despite the efforts of Border Patrol agents, illegal drugs continue to pour into the homeland, angering and frustrating CBP agents, state and local officials in Texas and Arizona.

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