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German Police Arrest Suspected Islamic State Operative Allegedly Waiting for Terror Instructions


On Thursday, prosecutors in Germany announced the arrest of a suspected member of the Islamic State who was allegedly waiting for instructions to commit an act of terrorism.

The accused, an Iraqi national who entered the country in 2022, was taken into custody in Esslingen on Wednesday and is being held on the charge of membership in a foreign terrorist organization.

The incident comes as German law enforcement has been on heightened alert because of the country’s month-long hosting of the European Football Championships.

In addition to the concerns that the quadrennial soccer tournament brings, the head of Germany’s internal security agency, Thomas Haldenwang, warned citizens of elevated threat levels because of Berlin’s support for Israel in their war against Hamas.

Earlier this month, a failed Afghan asylum seeker in Mannheim was shot after he reportedly injured five individuals and murdered a police officer when he became angry during an anti-Islam demonstration.

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