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Iran Regime Displays Newest Drone at Qatar Trade Show

Iran displayed a model of its ‘Gaza’ drone at an international arms fair in Qatar this month. wsj.com
Iran displayed a model of its ‘Gaza’ drone at an international arms fair in Qatar this month. wsj.com

Earlier this month, representatives from the Iranian national defense industry unveiled a new drone product at a military trade show in Qatar, according to a report by The Wall St. Journal.

Named the ‘Gaza,’ out of solidarity with the Hamas terrorist organization, the manufacturer claims that the remote-controlled weapon, with a 68-foot wingspan, has a range of 1,000 miles and can carry 13 pieces of ordnance. If the specifications are correct, then the system would have the range to launch against Israel. 

The aerial attack device appears to be an upgrade from their current inventory of Shahed drones which are limited to a payload of four bombs.

The newspaper reported that since the October expiration of U.N. sanctions on the country’s missile and drone programs, Tehran has increased its arms exports. This has been particularly true with regard to the procurement of munitions for many of its regional proxy groups.

Past distribution to Iran’s allies has usually been done without cost to the recipients, so the presence at the sales event may indicate that the Islamic republic is attempting to become a global arms supplier.

Iran has seen its weapons used to assist the Hamas terrorist organization in their October invasion of southern Israel, in attacks on U.S. bases in the region, against civilian maritime traffic in the Red Sea, for use by Hezbollah militias in Lebanon, and even to supply the Maduro regime in Venezuela with missile boats.

In late 2022, Iran entered a deal with Russia to supply their military with much needed weapons to conduct their war in Ukraine.

The report noted that a U.S. State Department spokesperson described the Iranian booth at the convention as causing, “serious concerns about Iran’s efforts to expand its proliferation of dangerous weapons that prolong and exacerbate conflicts around the world.”

Defense contractors from the U.S. were also reported to be in attendance.

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