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Israel Suffers 18 Soldiers Injured in Latest Hezbollah Attack

Israeli troops take part in a drill in northern Israel. IDF
Israeli troops take part in a drill in northern Israel. IDF

On Sunday, 18 Israeli soldiers were injured, including one critically, in the latest Hezbollah attack against Israel.

Military officials announced that the incident occurred when one of several drones struck the Merom Golan area, where a detachment of the Jewish state’s soldiers was deployed.

The Tehran-backed terrorist organization took credit for the incursion, describing it as an action against the 91st Brigade in response to IDF airstrikes against one of its operatives earlier in the day.

In response to the event, the IDF said that the air force and artillery batteries struck Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon, including an observation post and a missile launch site used by the jihadists.

The IDF also reported a separate heavy rocket attack against the Beit Hillel area that caused no injuries or damage.

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