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Jerusalem Confirms Houthi Missile Landed in Israeli Territory

Eilat, Israel. tourismnewslive.com
Eilat, Israel. tourismnewslive.com

Israeli military officials confirmed on Tuesday that a “suspicious aerial target” that struck near Eilat on Monday, was a Houthi cruise missile. The Iran-backed Islamist organization has since taken credit for the action.

CCTV Video of the attack.

The IDF indicated that the projectile was monitored on a trajectory originating from the direction of the Red Sea. There were no reports of casualties or property damage resulting from the incident.

Although the incursion was not the only time that the Yemen-based group had fired missiles in Israel’s direction, it was the first occurrence of one landing within the country’s borders. Previous attempts either struck outside of the Jewish state’s territory or were successfully neutralized with appropriate countermeasures.

There was no comment from the IDF as to why this missile was able to penetrate local air defenses.

Also on Tuesday, a Houthi spokesperson announced that another attack on commercial shipping had taken place, targeting a Greek LPG tanker. This latest event is another example of the repeated hostile conduct carried out by the militants since the beginning of the October war in Gaza.

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