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Polls Show British Labor Party Will Control Government in Next Month’s Election

Labor Party leader Keir Starmer. AP
Labor Party leader Keir Starmer. AP

Two polls released on Wednesday estimate that the British Labor Party will win a record-breaking number of parliamentary seats in the upcoming July 4 election.

A Savanta poll published in The Telegraph predicts that Labor will win 516 of the 650 seats in the United Kingdom's House of Commons, while the incumbent Conservatives will be represented with just 53 members.

The scenario forecasted by Savanta also places Conservative leader Rishi Sunak in danger of losing his re-election, an outcome that would make him the first prime minister in history to be voted out of office.

The latest YouGov poll is less generous to Labor but still envisions historical gains for the left-wing party.

YouGov forecasts the projected landslide as bringing 425 Labor MPs to the chamber, while the Conservatives will see a retention of 108 members.

In the event of a Labor victory, Keir Starmer, the representative of Greater London’s Holborn and St. Pancras constituency will be the likely prime minister.

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