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Tech Firms to Announce AI Election Regulation at Munich Security Conference

The security conference has been held in Munich since 1963.

This week, technology firms are poised to finalize an agreement aimed at establishing protocols to prevent the misuse of artificial intelligence in elections. The accord is planned to be announced at Friday’s Munich Security Conference in Germany.

Representatives from Adobe, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Open AI, and TikTok released a statement on the proposal warning that, “In a critical year for global elections, technology companies are working on an accord to combat the deceptive use of AI targeted at voters."

None of the participating companies have released any information regarding specific regulatory plans, but Open AI and Meta have stated that they are in the process of implementing the labeling of content that is generated by AI in the near future.

Pending legislation in the European Union would require all computer-generated media materials to be stylized as such.

'Deepfakes' have already begun to appear in global political messaging, including a reported 'robocall' impersonating U.S. President Joe Biden's voice several days before January's primary election in New Hampshire.

This year, there are scheduled to be more than 50 national elections in the world, with over 2 billion total participants. Balloting will take place in seven of the of the ten most populous countries.

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