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Biden’s Physician Met with a Parkinson’s Disease Specialist at the White House: Report

The logs state that Dr. Cannard met with Biden’s physician on Jan. 17 of this year.

Visitor logs show that a top Parkinson's disease specialist met with President Joe Biden's personal doctor at the White House.

The logs that have been reviewed by the New York Post show that Dr. Kevin Cannard, a Parkinson's disease specialist from Walter Reed Medical Center met with Dr. Kevin O’Connor and two others.

The logs state that Dr. Cannard met with Biden's physician on Jan. 17 of this year.

According to the Washington Examiner, Dr. Cannard has been to the White House 10 times since 2022.

After Biden's debate with presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, there have been concerns raised about the president's health.

Five House Democrats have called on Biden to drop out due to concerns about his mental state and his poor debate performance.

The White House has insisted Biden will be staying in the race.

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