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Former Israeli U.N. Ambassador Accuses Rep. Rashida Tlaib of ‘Pure Hate’


In response to Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s recent resolution calling for the recognition of the Palestinian “Nakba” (Catastrophe) — a term used by Palestinians to refer to the creation of the Jewish state, former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon accused the progressive “Squad” member of espousing “pure hate” and “antisemitism.”

Appearing on Fox News Live with Eric Shawn on Saturday, Danon was asked about recent criticism of Israel and whether he saw it as an increasing trend.

“We have no problem with criticism. We actually welcome criticism,” the former Israeli envoy said. “But what we have heard from Rashida Tlaib is not criticism, it’s pure hate.”

Danon then called out the far-left congresswoman’s “shameful resolution,” which he referred to as “pure antisemitism.”

“Basically she calls to promote hatred in the US… but she’s not helping the Palestinians, she’s not sending more support to them,” he said. “She’s basically attacking Israel.” 

Tlaib introduced a Congressional resolution, cosponsored by fellow “Squad” members, on Monday that would have the United States formally recognize the Palestinian “Nakba,” or the “Catastrophe” of the Jewish state of Israel’s creation.

Danon also said that figures such as Tlaib remind him of “many radical leaders in the Muslim world that use Israel as their platform.” 

“It’s the same over here,” he asserted. “She is not constructive; she’s promoting hate and antisemitism against Jews.”

The former ambassador then called for fellow Democrats to issue a condemnation of Tlaib, who he said is not representative of Americans or even the majority of Democrats.

“I expect the Democratic leaders to condemn those radical voices — [Tlaib] does not represent the Democratic Party or the American people,” he said. 

“We have a strong bond with the American people; we will continue to work together with the Americans,” he added.

In reference to his role as ambassador at the U.N. body, Danon compared his perseverance to that of the biblical Daniel’s.

“In the Bible, Daniel spent one night in the Lion’s den and he survived. I spent five years in this hostile place [the U.N.] and I prevailed and this is the story of Israel,” he said.

That perseverance, Danon argued, will continue to serve as an upset to Israel’s detractors.

“With all the difficulties and the condemnations of Rashida Tlaib and the ‘Squad’ — we overcome those voices,” he said.

The “Squad” has a history of antisemitic charges and has been accused of repeated attacks on Israel while ignoring the plight of Palestinians at the hands of Hamas or Afghans under Taliban control.

In February, Tlaib’s campaign was reported to have paid $170,000 to an “anti-Israel activist” who has “called for defunding the police” on multiple occasions.

In 2020, Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) urged his colleagues “across the aisle” to join him in calling for Tlaib’s immediate removal from all congressional committees after her participation in an anti-Israel conference with purported terrorist ties as well having retweeted a slogan calling for the elimination of the Jewish State.

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