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White House Failed to Disclose FBI Search of Biden Think Tank

President Joe Biden gives a speech on Jan. 12 / Getty Images
President Joe Biden gives a speech on Jan. 12 / Getty Images

The FBI searched President Joe Biden’s think tank for classified documents earlier than the White House disclosed, contradicting claims that the Biden team has been transparent about its investigation.

According to CBS News, FBI agents searched the Penn Biden Center in mid-November, weeks after a personal attorney for the president found classified documents there. Between 20 and 30 classified documents have been discovered at the Penn Biden Center and at Biden’s home in Delaware, CBS reported.

It is unclear whether FBI agents found additional documents in the search. But the previously undisclosed search is sure to raise questions for the White House, which has insisted that Biden and his lawyers have been transparent with both the public and the Justice Department about the discovery of classified records at his properties.

"We have been transparent in the last couple of days, remember there is an ongoing process and we have spoken when it is appropriate," White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Jan. 13.

The White House has faced withering criticism for waiting more than two months—until after the midterm elections—to disclose the discovery of the first batch of records at the Penn Biden Center, a Beltway-based foreign policy think tank that Biden launched in 2017.

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