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China Expert: Americans Must Unify Against China as Common Adversary

Author, producer, and China expert Chris Fenton says the American public must unite in bipartisan fashion against the threat posed by the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) by withholding money from companies that benefit from “nefarious” business deals in China but do not protect U.S. interests.

“The public is starting to catch on [to the CCP threat], and when the public catches on, remember it’s all about money, when the public catches on, they can actually vote or make moves with their pocketbook, with their checkbook, with their money,” Fenton said on The Foreign Desk with Lisa Daftari podcast Thursday.

The CCP is currently attempting to leverage businesses “to lobby on their behalf” because, as is made clear through the economic success of many major companies, including Nike, H&M, and Adidas who have recently come under fire by the Chinese government, doing business with China is profitable; thus, refusing to comply with China’s demands risks significant financial loss.

“If [the public starts] to see companies that continue in the engagement of kowtowing [to the CCP] or pandering or doing something that’s not in the best interest of the United States of America with China, they can penalize those companies here on the ground in the U.S.,” Fenton continued, forcing businesses to evaluate if conducting business with China is worth the penalties.

China’s “massive economy,” which has allowed China to acquire superpower status, was “built on our backs,” says Fenton. “We should monetize that. We should get our money back.”

While this is no easy task, Fenton believes it can be accomplished through the unified efforts and short-term sacrifices of American individuals who decide to choose wisely where to spend their money, combined with bipartisan political efforts and journalists who continue to notify the public of the China threat.

“The white knight, the thing that is the greatest silver lining about China is that it is a common challenge facing all Americans. We’re not going to talk about gods or guns or cultural issues or anything. This is a financial security issue. It’s an economic security issue. It’s flight or fight,” said Fenton.

If Americans are able to unify to address the China threat “we are going to unite a country that seems to get more divided day by day. It is going to have a useful purpose, and it’s going to create a better relationship in the long run between the two superpowers.”

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