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CCP Acquires 96 Ports Worldwide, Experts Raise Alarm on Beijing’s Ambitions

Port of Piraeus in Athens. (Shutterstock.com)
Port of Piraeus in Athens. (Shutterstock.com)

With Chinese media firms designated as “foreign missions” in the United States, and with Confucius Institutes being shut down one after another, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) ideology export has suffered a setback. However, the CCP has acquired nearly 100 strategically important ports around the world, showing obvious political ambitions.

To date, China Ocean Shipping (COSCO) and other Chinese companies have acquired a stake in 96 ports around the world. There are five in the United States, including in Miami, Houston, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

In Germany, China Logistics Group has acquired a 99-year lease to build a logistics center in a new commercial port in Wilhelmshaven. Just three miles away from the port is Heppenser Groden, Germany’s largest naval and logistical base, where German Marine Corps ships are built and repaired, submarines visit, and NATO conducts joint exercises.

The CCP is now eyeing its 97th target, seeking to acquire a 35 percent share in operations in Container Terminal Tollerort in Hamburg, Germany.

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