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Report: Cubans Held Nearly 4,000 Anti-Communist Protests in 2022

Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Cuban citizens held 692 recorded protests against the communist Castro regime during December 2022 – bringing the total for the year to 3,923 protests, according to the latest report published by the Cuban Observatory of Conflict civil society organization on Monday.

The number of protests in December was higher than the 584 that the Observatory registered during the historic July 2021 wave of protests against the Castro regime and its puppet-president Miguel Díaz-Canel, making December 2022 the month with the highest number of anti-communist protests in Cuba in recent years.

The Observatory’s report details that, of the 692 protests that took place nationwide during December, 366 were spontaneous, while 326 were part of organized campaigns against the Castro regime. Only 170 of them were documented in Havana.

The report also stated that Cubans continued to explicitly protest the regime’s brutal repression even after the communist regime received help from Russia and Turkey to keep Cuba’s power grid from total collapse – one of the main protest drivers in much of the year. Among the factors fueling protests was the communist regime’s new penal code that went into effect in December, which heavily criminalizes “’subversive” or “harmful to society” activities. The code also increases the number of crimes punishable by death sentence, adding stealing a boat or airplane to flee from Cuba.

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