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Swedish MEP Cuts Off Hair During Speech in Support of Iranian Women

Screenshot of Abir Al-Sahlani's Twitter account
Screenshot of Abir Al-Sahlani’s Twitter account

Swedish MEP Abir Al-Sahlani (Renew) has cut off her hair in support of anti-government protests in Iran during a speech in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday.

After the death of 22-year-old Mhasa Amini at the hands of the morality police, widespread protests against the repression of women under the Iranian regime have engulfed the country but also received widespread international attention.

“Until Iran is free, our fury will be bigger than the oppressors. Until the women of Iran are free we are going to stand with you,” Iraqi-born Abir Al-Sahlani said during a European Parliament meeting in Strasbourg on Tuesday.

(Translation of tweet from Swedish: The tradition to cut off your hair in protest is thousand years old. It shows that anger is stronger than the oppressor’s power. Iran’s women have had enough. The EU should show the same courage and support them fully.)

She then took a pair of scissors and cut off her hair, saying “Jin, Jiyan, Azadi” – Kurdish for ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’.

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