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Ukraine Again Falling Out with Allies Over Perceived Lack of Gratitude for Support

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Ukraine has summoned the Polish ambassador over “unacceptable” comments made about Kyiv’s gratitude — or rather, a perceived lack thereof — for the considerable military and fiscal support given to the nation to help it fight Russia.

The Polish President’s international policy chief Marcin Przydacz said Monday that: “Ukraine has really received a lot of support from Poland. I think it would be worth them starting to appreciate the role that Poland has played for Ukraine in recent months and years.” According to a report in Wprost magazine, when pressed he doubled down on the point, saying in Warsaw: “…we must stand firmly in the interest of the Polish state here, and Ukraine should start appreciating what Poland does for it.”

The remarks caused anger in Kyiv, which summoned the Polish ambassador for a dressing down on Tuesday. Per an official statement from the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the remarks implying a lack of gratitude “do not reflect reality and as such are unacceptable”. The spat is the latest development in a disagreement between the two nations, with the Ukrainian Prime Minister saying last month that Poland taking steps to protect its economy — perhaps at Ukraine’s cost — was “unfriendly and populist”.

Responding to Monday’s remark, Ukrainian diplomat and ally to President Zelensky, Andrij Sybiha expressed his outrage at Poland’s remarks saying the nation “categorically rejects” the claims, calling them manipulative and taking “the side of evil” — Russia.

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