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Biden Administration Sends Arms Shipment to Palestinian Authority

Israeli soldiers near Huwara, the West Bank. Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90
Israeli soldiers near Huwara, the West Bank. Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90

The Palestinian Authority (PA) received a consignment of armored vehicles and weaponry from the United States on Tuesday, according to a report by Al Quds. The shipment was reportedly transferred through Jordan, with the permission of the Israeli government.

The Palestinian newspaper reported that the security assistance comes as part of joint efforts by the Biden administration and Israel to support the PA in reestablishing control over regions in the West Bank that have become recent focal points for terrorist activities directed at Israeli civilians and security personnel.

The report stated that the newly acquired equipment is intended for law enforcement purposes.

The PA's weakened presence in the West Bank, particularly in certain northern areas, has enabled Iranian-backed terrorist organizations like Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) to escalate attacks on Israel.

The diminishing stability of the Abbas-led government has compelled Israel to intervene directly by sending its own troops into northern West Bank cities. Their mission is to apprehend those responsible for attacks and seize the growing stockpiles of weapons in these areas.

In July, Israel initiated a substantial two-day operation in Jenin, which marked its largest operation in the region since the Second Intifada. This operation involved the deployment of helicopters, ground forces, and drones.

Israeli media on Tuesday reported that two individuals were wounded in a shooting attack in Huwara, a West Bank city that has seen recurring violence this year. Two Israeli brothers were murdered there on February 26, and on August 19 a father and son were killed by a Palestinian terrorist in the same area.

Israel has consistently alleged that Tehran is responsible for facilitating weapons smuggling to the organizations responsible for perpetuating the recent violence.

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