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Business Partner of Jim Biden Alleges That President’s Brother Raised Money in Qatar

Jim Biden. AP
Jim Biden. AP

Testimony from a Kentucky bankruptcy court accuses the younger brother of President Joe Biden of participating in corporate fund-raising efforts with government officials from Qatar, according to a report by Politico.

The website reported that Michael Lewitt, a fund manager and former business partner of Jim Biden, stated under oath that in an effort to raise $30 million for Americore, a distressed U.S. hospital chain, the two individuals worked with entities that are partially owned by “members of the Qatari government.”

One of the companies reportedly partnered directly with the president’s sibling, while the second one provided loans that Biden was given $600,000 to secure.

A few months after his commission was paid, Biden gave $200,000 to the then-former Vice President in what was described as a ‘loan repayment.’

The article described the allegations as “some of the closest known financial links between a relative of President Joe Biden and a foreign government.”

The report comes as the presidential relative told congressional investigators in February that he had largely stopped his business efforts “for lack of viable projects to back.” The recent revelations by Lewitt may contradict this statement.

Lewitt is expected to give testimony to the House Impeachment Committee in the coming months. 

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