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Despite Congressional Ban, White House Still Coordinating with UNRWA: Report

UNRWA headquarters in Gaza. israelhayom.com
UNRWA headquarters in Gaza. israelhayom.com

The Biden administration remains committed to supporting the main Palestinian assistance organization at the United Nations, UNRWA, according to a report by The Washington Free Beacon.

A State Department spokesperson told the news outlet that despite the allegations of its alleged affiliation with Hamas operatives, the Gaza based agency nevertheless provides a "critical role" to its recipients.

"We continue to coordinate with other donors, both those that have suspended funding and those continuing to fund UNRWA, as we continue to work to address the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza," a State Department spokesperson said.

U.S. financial support was removed from the 75-year-old aid provider in January, when an Israeli intelligence report suggested that as much as 10 percent of the agency’s 12,000 employees in Gaza are members of the terror group, and at least 12 associates directly participated in the horrifying rampage against civilians that occurred during the October 7 massacre in southern Israel.

In March, Congress followed the White House’s decision by passing a 12-month prohibition of public funding to UNRWA.

Ten other countries joined Washington in suspending their donations because of Israel’s allegations. Several of these countries, including Canada, Finland, France, Sweden, and Japan have since resumed payments to the organization.

When asked for comment, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), told the Free Beacon that "It’s troubling the Biden administration is trying to flout Congress’s ban on UNRWA funding by urging other countries to continue supporting an organization that employed known terrorists," and suggested that the U.S. “should be supporting Israel in its fight to eliminate Hamas for good, not resupplying terrorists."

American taxpayer funding was suspended previously in 2018 by the Trump administration amid allegations that UNRWA provided material support to terrorists and disseminated antisemitic and jihadist propaganda in the schools that it controls.

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