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Hamas Returning to Areas of Gaza After Israeli Departure

IDF troops operating in Gaza on January 31. IDF
IDF troops operating in Gaza on January 31. IDF

The Hamas terrorist organization has returned to positions in Gaza that the Israeli military has recently withdrawn from, according to a report by the Associated Press.

Citing multiple witnesses and an unnamed official of the terror group, the news agency reported that uniformed and plainclothes personnel have taken up a presence near police stations, government offices, and Shifa Hospital.

A Hamas associate told AP that, "The return of the police marks an attempt to restore order in the devastated city after the Israeli forces withdrew from northern Gaza last month."

Residents have also claimed that they have seen the reappearance of the area’s civil servants, as well as the resumption of salaries being paid to the public sector workers.

On Monday, Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, told reporters that the country’s military will begin concentrating on the Rafah sector in the south, calling it Hamas's "last remaining stronghold.''

Israel withdrew the 36th Division from the northern area of the warzone on Jan. 15, leaving three divisions in operation throughout the coastal enclave. There has been no decision as to the deployment of additional units to the area.

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