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Hezbollah Official Says Group is Preparing for a Larger Operation Against Israel

An Israeli tank and military vehicles near Israel's border with Lebanon, northern Israel. Reuters
An Israeli tank and military vehicles near Israel’s border with Lebanon, northern Israel. Reuters

As Hamas continues its terrorist attack against the Jewish state of Israel, new information revealed that the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah terror group is preparing to join the conflict and support Hamas.

In a Sunday speech in the northern Lebanese city of Qarha, Hezbollah official Hashem Salhab, who oversees the organization's unions, said that "Operation Al-Aqsa Flood" is just a maneuver in advance of a multi-arena operation to eliminate Israel.

"The Al-Aqsa Flood is a live-fire maneuver of a larger operation that is expected to eliminate the existence of the Israeli enemy in reality [i.e. comprehensively], not only in Palestine. The Zionist soldier and the Zionist settler must begin the countdown of the remaining days of their existence," Salhab said in his speech.

"We are talking about the blessed Palestinian flood of resistance, a flood of Palestinian resistance that is part of the resistance axis. If the flood of the resistance axis reaches you, what will you do, you Zionists," the Hezbollah official added.

He added that the United States won't help Israel in the war. "It did not manage to predict this and will not manage to stop the Al-Aqsa flood. [Also] your friends, the preachers of normalization with part of the Arab world, will not help you," he said.

While Hezbollah General Secretary Hasan Nasrallah has not officially ordered the terrorist organization to enter the war and help, the Lebanese Shiite terrorist groups have vowed to assist Hamas if Israel were to engage in a ground assault on Gaza. The Islamic Republic of Iran has called on the group to assist Hamas and join the conflict.

Since Sunday, several Hezbollah fighters have infiltrated Israel's northern border but have been defeated by Israeli military forces.

"Oh occupier Zionists, expect the biggest battle, Allah willing, and if you want to save yourselves you have an opportunity to go to the airport and [sea]ports and leave. We advise you to swap your demonstrations in the squares against your officials with gatherings at the airports and [sea]ports to board planes and ships. Free us of the battle that is coming to you. You have seen today only part of the war and much more awaits you," Salhab said.

In response to reports of Hezbollah potentially amassing its forces, the Israeli government has sent its forces along the northern border to prepare for Hezbollah's attack.

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