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Multiple Black Lives Matter Chapters Show Support for Hamas Invasion

A delegation from BLM visited the West Bank in 2016.

Black Lives Matter chapters throughout the United States have expressed their support for the Saturday rocket attacks and murderous invasion of Israel by the Hamas terror group.

Black Lives Matter Grassroots, a coalition of racial justice advocates, issued a statement expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people Tuesday, after the tragic event where over 1,000 Israeli civilians lost their lives.

The Chicago chapter of BLM furthered the show of support for terrorism by posting on X an image seeming to celebrate a paraglider attack on the Supernova music festival that took the lives of at least 260 innocent young people.

In addition to the violent attack on the rave attendees, there have been reported incidences of rape, sexual assault, and abduction at this event.

BLM Indianapolis reposted an invitation from the radical Showing Up for Racial Justice group, inviting respondents to attend a Thursday protest against U.S. aid to Israel, and the continued detention of terrorists held by Israeli security services.

The social media platform X was not the only place where pro-Hamas rhetoric was promoted by BLM. The Louisville chapter took to Instagram in order to accuse Israel of imperialism, genocide, and terrorism.

The display of Hamas support by BLM appears to be widespread throughout social media.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) responded to this trend by posting on X, "As if you needed further proof that BLM is not a healthy organization or movement. Worth noting that Hamas would execute BLM supporters for their beliefs."

Former Republican representative and 2022 New York Gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin also released a statement saying, "BLM joins the Democratic Socialists of America in declaring its proud support of Hamas terrorists who are raping women, beheading babies, kidnapping Holocaust survivors, and slaughtering Jews wherever they can find them."

At least 14 Americans have been reported to have been killed in the Saturday attack on Israel, and the Biden administration has said there is great possibility that Americans are among the hostages as well.

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