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Netanyahu Says Original Judicial Plan was a “Mistake,” But Reform Needed


On Monday, Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, admitted to a misstep in his government's initial proposal for judicial reforms. This revelation came during an hour-long live stream with Elon Musk on his X social media platform.

In lieu of the original overhaul proposal, which the prime minister referred to as a "mistake", Netanyahu said that he now advocates for a "minor correction" regarding the process of appointing judges. The current draft of the judicial selection reform, which grants elected officials control over the appointment of judges, is awaiting final legislative approval.

One of the reform proposals that managed to pass the Knesset in July was a law preventing the courts from applying the "reasonableness" standard when reviewing government decisions. This particular law is currently undergoing judicial review by Israel's Supreme Court.

Netanyahu's decision to suspend the reform legislation in March was prompted by the nation's unprecedented nine-month long protests against the plan. This period saw massive demonstrations, threats of nationwide strikes, and opposition from many of Israel's allies. In addition, some military reservists threatened to refuse to deploy for duty if the changes passed.

On Wednesday Netanyahu is scheduled to travel to New York to take part in the opening of the U.N. General Assembly. Reports have stated that he will meet with President Biden and other world leaders.

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