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U.S. and Saudi Officials Discuss Defense Treaty: Report


The United States is in the midst of deliberating the terms of a mutual defense pact with Saudi Arabia, as per a report published Tuesday by The New York Times.

This prospective agreement would reportedly encompass a general commitment to extend military assistance in the event of an attack either within the region or on Saudi soil.

Saudi officials have in the past argued that such a defense agreement would serve as a deterrent against potential threats from Iran or its affiliated proxy groups.

The article stated that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the de facto leader of Saudi Arabia, perceives a mutual defense treaty with the U.S. as a pivotal component of his discussions with the Biden administration regarding the normalization of relations with Israel.

The report noted that U.S. authorities have articulated that there are no deliberations about deploying a sizable contingent of American troops in the country.

According to a White House letter sent to Congress in June, the U.S. has 2,700 troops currently in the Kingdom.

Beyond defense matters, the Crown Prince is also keen on enlisting U.S. support in facilitating Saudi Arabia's civilian nuclear program. However, certain U.S. officials harbor reservations about this program's potential misuse.

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