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U.S. Approves New $360 Million Weapons Sale to Taipei


On Tuesday, Washington approved a $360 million arms sale to Taiwan amid its ongoing conflict with China. The package is the 15th authorized since the Biden administration took office in 2021.

The weapons reportedly include more than 1,000 Altius-600M attack drones and Switchblade loitering munitions.

Taiwanese defense sources told the Taipei Times last month that obtaining the two platforms was a top priority for the government in order for them to improve their asymmetric fighting capabilities.

Taiwan’s new president, Lai Ching-te, thanked the U.S. for its cooperation during a Wednesday press conference in the country’s capital.

The announcement comes as tensions between Taiwan and China have escalated in recent years, because the communist government in Beijing does not recognize the sovereignty of the island nation, viewing it as a province in disunion.

Chinese military forces regularly challenge the territorial claims of the American ally.

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