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Despite Ceasefire, Palestinian Authority, Clergy Continue Encouraging Genocide

In an op-ed published Monday, Official PA [Palestinian Authority] daily praises the rockets being fired into Israel for inflicting fear on the “Zionists” who “are running to [bomb] shelters and are afraid of the flood,” as reported by Palestinian Media Watch.

The op-ed continues on to praise Palestinian martyrs, describing their blood as “purer than the perfumes of the entire world…sacrificing its most precious sons for the sake of the approaching tomorrow.”

Since last Monday when Hamas escalated the violence against Israel, a reported 4,193 rockets have been fired towards Israel with 610 failing to cross the border and landing in Gaza’s own territory.

The message that all Jews need to be wiped off the Earth is a common one in Palestinian society, with messages of genocide appearing in children’s books, pop music and all throughout social media, as was evident in the last 11 days of fighting between the terror group Hamas and Israel.

Israel and every Jewish occupant must be destroyed for humanity to prosper, says Palestinian Islamic scholar Mraweh Nassar.

“Humanity will not thrive until the [Jewish] nation is annihilated,” said Nassar in a translation by MEMRI earlier this month on Turkey’s Channel 9.

“Even the trees and rocks feel disgust towards these people,” Nassar continued, citing an Islamic prophesy that Muslims will fight and kill the Jews.

Nassar continues on to say there is no such thing as a “righteous” Jew living in “Palestine,” and every Jew living there deserves to be killed “with cannons, rockets, PK machine guns, electricity, whatever.”

No one should feel pity for any Jewish man or woman who is harmed in the Palestinian attempt to annihilate the Jewish state, according to Nassar, who describes these Jews as “occupiers” void of humanity.

Hamas leadership and Palestinian Islamic scholars like Nassar propagate these anti-Semitic tropes while they continue to “[use] the Palestinian people as pawns,” said terrorism and Middle Eastern scholar Adrian Calamel to The Foreign Desk.

These leaders are “radicalizing generations of Palestinians and Muslims in the Middle East, not just calling for the destruction of Israel but the extermination of Jews through the spreading of blood libels,” Calamel continued.

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