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Biden Admin Accuses Several Israeli Military Units of ‘Gross Violations of Human Rights’


By: Jake Smith, Daily Caller News Foundation

The Biden administration accused five Israel Defense Force (IDF) units of “gross violations of human rights” on Monday.

The incidents the IDF units are accused of committing happened outside of Gaza before the war between Israel and Hamas started on Oct. 7, State Department spokesperson Vedant Patel said during a press briefing. Four of the five IDF units have remedied the alleged violations, and Israel submitted additional information to the U.S. regarding the fifth unit, which is a majority ultra-Orthodox infantry brigade, The Times of Israel reported.

The Biden Administration is still determining whether to withhold military aid to the fifth IDF unit, according to CNN

“We have a careful and very deliberate process when it comes to implementing the Leahy law,” Patel said. “The same standards of the application of this law applies to every country that receives U.S. security assistance.”

The Leahy law prohibits the U.S. from providing military aid to foreign units who have committed gross human rights violations.

“We continue to be in consultations and engagements with the government of Israel. They have submitted additional information as it pertains to that [fifth] unit, and we’re continuing to have those conversations,” Patel said, rejecting the idea that Israel was “being offered unique treatment” because it was granted additional time to present the U.S. information. “There is nothing that I have outlined here that is inconsistent with the Leahy process.”

There were reports last week that the U.S. was determining whether the Leahy law applied to the five IDF units, according to CBS News. Secretary of State Antony sent an undated letter to Speaker of the House Mike Johnson assuring him that the U.S.’ commitment to providing Israel with military aid was not in jeopardy and relaying that he postponed a decision to block aid to the unit, The Associated Press reported on Friday.

The relationship between the Biden administration and Israel has become increasingly strained in recent months over disagreements as to how the war in Gaza should be conducted. The Biden administration is urging Israel to scale back its military operations in the region, expressing concern that it is having an impact on the civilian population.

Israel and Hamas are currently negotiating a temporary ceasefire deal in which Israel would halt its offensive for a six-week period and ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza in exchange for the release of hostages in Hamas captivity.

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