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Biden Administration Submits U.N. Proposal Calling for Israel to Delay Major Ground Offensive in Rafah

Administration submitted draft resolution after having rejected an Arab-backed resolution demanding immediate humanitarian cease-fire.

The Biden administration has put forth an alternative U.N. Security Council resolution that would support a temporary cease-fire in Gaza and states Israel’s planned, major ground offensive into the southern Gaza city of Rafah “should not proceed under current circumstances.”

The administration submitted the draft resolution Monday, after having rejected an Arab-backed resolution demanding an immediate humanitarian cease-fire.

The resolution proposed by the U.S calls for temporary cease-fire “as soon as practicable.”

The draft also calls for the release of all hostages taken by Hamas in its Oct. 7, 2023, terror attack on Israel and the lifting of all restrictions on the delivery of humanitarian aid.

Roughly 1.5 million Palestinians have sought safety in Rafah since Israel declared war on the Palestinian-affiliated Hamas almost immediately after the deadly attacks.

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