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Chicago Mayor Silent After Local BLM Chapter Posts in Support of Hamas Terrorists

(Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images for The James Beard Foundation)
(Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images for The James Beard Foundation)

By: Brandon Poulter, Daily Caller News Foundation

Democratic Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is staying silent Wednesday after his local Black Lives Matter (BLM) chapter posted and then deleted a message of support for Hamas terrorists just days after brutal attacks in Israel.

BLM Chicago made a series of pro-Palestine and pro-Hamas posts Tuesday with one that contained a paraglider, symbolizing the mass terrorist attack on a music festival in Israel that resulted in the deaths of over 240 unarmed civilians. Johnson did not respond to multiple requests for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation asking whether or not he supports BLM Chicago following the pro-Hamas posts, and didn’t provide an update on the status of a “Black Lives Matter” mural that has adorned a public Chicago street since 2020.

Johnson previously introduced the Justice For Black Lives resolution in Cook County, which advocated for moving tax dollars away from incarceration and policing, according to Block Club Chicago. Johnson also once called defunding the police a “real political goal” in an interview, according to WTTW PBS News.

The street mural is located in Uptown Chicago, one of many BLM murals within the city created during the 2020 George Floyd protest.

BLM Chicago has since deleted the paraglider tweet and an Instagram post which called social media chatter about the brutal methods that Hamas terrorists used during the attacks “disinformation.” BLM Chicago later posted again in support of Palestine.

The deleted Instagram post contained multiple pictures with two young black women discussing the events in Israel and Palestine, with one of the women defending Hamas terrorism. “There is a lot of disinformation being spread about what Hamas are doing based in racist and Islamophobic tropes of Muslims and Arabs. Misinformation with absolutely no evidence,” their Instagram post reads.

“How can you be so quick to condemn an entity you know absolutely nothing about? Such disinformation is being used to dehumanise the Palestinian civilians that Israel has declared genocide upon in Gaza,” the post continues.

Another slide on the post discussed the methods that Hamas is using with one of the women questioning the brutality of Hamas’ methods. The other woman responded that her friend shouldn’t tell Palestinians “how to resist.”

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