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Former Recon Marine Says the Biden Admin Lied About Americans Being Able to Evacuate Afghanistan

“There’s Americans still there that want to get out,” Chad Robichaux said.

Former Force Recon Marine and author of the book "Saving Aziz," Chad Robichaux says that the Biden administration lied to the American public when they said that Americans were able to evacuate after the Afghanistan debacle.

"There's Americans still there that want to get out," Robichaux said on the Wednesday edition of the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. "There's 75,000 Afghan allies who are vulnerable to be being beaten and interrogated for what they know about America and some are executed for serving America."

The Biden administration had a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021, resulting in Americans being left behind, 13 American soldiers dying and the Taliban taking control of the country.

"Last week the Taliban announced that women are no longer allowed to see male doctors," Robichaux said. "But women aren't allowed to be doctors, nor are women allowed to be educated. So there's no women's health care in Afghanistan right now."

According to the former marine, many Americans wanted to get out during the withdrawal, but knew they would be threatened at the gates by the Taliban.

"The State Department controlled only the airport, which meant that the Taliban controlled the outer perimeter of who got in and out of the airport," Robichaux explained.

"The Taliban is out there checking people's IDs, beating people, taking their passports away, and killing people in the streets," he continued. "If you are an American and wanting to go to the airport, you have to go through a Taliban checkpoint."

In his book, "Saving Aziz," Robichaux writes about how he and a team of other service members came together to save the lives of some of the people trying to avoid becoming victims of the Taliban.

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