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Homeland Security Puts Immigration Official Who Worked for Palestinian Liberation Org. on Leave

“F*** Israel, the government, and its military. Are you ready for your downfall?” Ali wrote on Instagram after the terror attacks.
Nejwa Ali. justthenews.com
Nejwa Ali. justthenews.com

The Department of Homeland Security placed an immigration officer on leave after an investigation revealed that she worked as a Palestine Liberation Organization spokeswoman and reportedly made repeated anti-Israel remarks.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services spokesperson Matthew Bourke told Newsweek late Wednesday evening that Palestinian employee Nejwa Ali was placed on leave, but he did not give a timeline for her leave nor did he state whether there were any additional consequences.

A Daily Wire investigation showed that she made extreme comments for years under the username "Falastine Mi Amor" – a reference to how Palestine is known as Falastine in Arabic due to the lack of a "P" in the language with the second half using the French phrase for "my love" – on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Her rhetoric intensified after Hamas terrorists entered Israel and murdered more than 1,400 people, including more than 30 U.S. citizens, on Oct. 7.

"F*** Israel, the government, and its military. Are you ready for your downfall?" Ali wrote on Instagram after the terror attacks, which targeted men, women, children and the elderly in their homes and at a music festival for peace.

Her LinkedIn shows that she served as a Palestine Liberation Organization public affairs officer for the group's delegation to the U.S. in 2016 and 2017. The Trump administration expelled the office from the U.S.

The Department of Homeland Security hired her in 2019, and she worked as an "Asylum Officer" before becoming an "Adjudication Officer" earlier this year at Citizenship and Immigration Services, where she would "analyze new or amended legislation and policy, prepare written reports of findings, and review and make determinations on cases for immigration benefits," according to the agency.

When asked whether she disclosed her previous employer to Homeland Security, she told the Daily Wire: "That’s none of your f***ing business. Mind your business before I call the police. If I were you I’d respectfully hang up the phone right now."

Ali, who is from Dearborn, Michigan, says on social media that she is "American born, Palestinian @ heart."

Several archived posts from Twitter show her various anti-Israel activities. For example, in one 2014 post she tried to get people to call the State Department to "End AID 2 ISRAEL!"

Earlier this month, she posted: "F*** Israel and any Jew who supports Israel."

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