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IDF Arrests 12 Terror Suspects After Deadly Shooting Attack in Ariel

Israeli military forces conduct counter-terror operations in the West Bank days after a deadly shooting attack. Photo: IDF
Israeli military forces conduct counter-terror operations in the West Bank days after a deadly shooting attack. Photo: IDF

Israeli security forces on Sunday morning mapped the homes of the two suspected Palestinians involved in the deadly shooting of a security guard at the entrance of a Jewish town for potential demolition, and arrested a total of 12 terrorists during raids in a number of villages in the West Bank.

“Over Shabbat, 23-year-old security guard Vyacheslav Golev was murdered in Ariel,” Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said at Sunday’s Cabinet meeting. “He was murdered while using his body to protect his fiancée who was guarding the community checkpoint with him, saving her life.”

“This wonderful couple was just beginning their life together; the heart breaks,” Bennett added.

On Saturday night, the IDF, in a joint operation with the Israel Security Agency (ISA) in the town of Qarawat Bani Hassan, arrested Youssef Sameeh Assi and Yahya Marei, the two terrorists accused of carrying out the deadly attack at the entrance of Ariel. The shooting late on Friday night takes the number of Israelis killed by Palestinian attackers in recent weeks to a total of 15.

“We will remember Vyacheslav, together with all of our heroes,” Bennett said. “This wave of terrorism requires the entire security establishment to make the maximum effort.”

During Sunday’s morning raids in the West Bank villages of Qarawat Bani Hassan, Hizma, Mikra, and Sanur, troops from the IDF, the ISA, and Border Police, arrested suspects and confiscated illegal weapons, the Israeli army said. IDF soldiers also apprehended a man suspected of assisting in Friday’s terrorist attack.

At the Jalazone refugee camp, a number of violent riots flared up, where dozens of protestors hurled rocks at IDF soldiers, the military said. The IDF said soldiers responded with riot dispersal means and used firearms, with no injuries reported. During the raids, IDF troops arrested another five suspected of terrorist activity, and confiscated handguns, a rifle and a Carlo submachine gun.

“We are at the start of the week of remembrance and independence, a week that is always tumultuous and difficult,” Bennett said, ahead of Yom HaZikaron and Ha’atzmaut. “Hardly a day goes by on which we are not reminded of our continuing fight to live in our land in security and tranquility.”

Bennett thanked the IDF, the ISA and the Israel Police for their operations and efforts in recent weeks.

“These are people who have hardly seen home in many long weeks. They are on the seam line, in Jerusalem, in Jenin, in the north and in the south,” he remarked. “We are charged with the task of defeating this wave as well. We — the Government of Israel and the citizens of Israel — must also show you our gratitude, back you and give you all the support and tools to succeed.”

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