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Iran Detains Protesting Bus Drivers

A busy street in Tehran, November 25, 2014. (AFP/Atta Kenare)
A busy street in Tehran, November 25, 2014. (AFP/Atta Kenare)

Iran has arrested a number of bus drivers who have staged protests in Tehran for the second consecutive day over their living conditions, according to local media reports.

“A number of drivers were detained yesterday during a gathering in front of the central office of the Tehran Bus Company,” Mohsen Bagheri, a company official is quoted by the ILNA news agency. “A number of drivers were also arrested during today’s protest,” he adds.

Bagheri did not say why the drivers were arrested, only expressing hope that they would be released soon.

“The workers do not want anything beyond the law; their demand is a legal increase in wages,” Bagheri says.

Striking bus drivers chanted slogans describing Tehran’s mayor as “incompetent” and called on him to resign at a protest on Monday, the reformist Shargh newspaper writes on Twitter.

Last week, Iran’s government announced a series of measures to tackle mounting economic challenges, such as changing a subsidy system and raising the price of staples including cooking oil and dairy products. Hundreds have taken to the streets in a number of Iranian cities in the past week to protest against the moves, including in Tehran province, IRNA reported.

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