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‘Iran Knows Breakout to 90% Enrichment will Result in an Israeli Strike’


Amid reports of renewed momentum in talks between Iran and the West over a nuclear deal, Israel sent a warning to Iran on Sunday.

A senior Israeli official to Israel Hayom that "Iran knows that breaking out to 90% purity in uranium enrichment will result in an Israeli strike." The official added that the US and Western nations know that Israel has set this threshold and that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made it clear this was Jerusalem's red line during his recent visits to European capitals.

The source further assessed that despite the US trying hard to finalize an agreement with Iran, it will not be realized because Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei does not want such an outcome, even though on Sunday the Iranian ayatollah delivered a speech in favor of reaching a deal that would allow Iran to keep its nuclear infrastructure.

Israeli decision-makers believe that the Biden administration will stop short of reaching a full-fledged deal but instead formulate a series of understandings with Tehran, thus allowing it to avoid Congressional scrutiny under a special law that requires a deal to get the legislators' stamp of approval. Israel opposes any new framework between the US and Iran, mainly because this would result in billions of dollars filling up the Iranian coffers.

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